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Updated: Apr 18

Mexico Retreats with Autumn Kunz

Mexico is the land of complex indigenous civilizations with a history spanning over three millennia. It is rich with authentic culture, vibrant land, and catalyzing mystery. Retreats in Mexico can span from tourist-centric places like Cancun to deeper spiritual tourism like Pyramids in the Desert. 

With the Wild & Sacred Rabbithole of retreats your intentions matter, your individual needs matter. .We have a plethora of resources and spaces that allow us to provide you with a cornucopia of options so that you can have a tailored experience that is ‘right for you’. From yoga and meditation to ancestral medicine and cultural immersions with availability for individuals, groups, couples and families, the retreats are as wild as they are sacred.  No one retreat is the same. We choose to honor the individual by individually forming packages that work for your goals and intentions and pocket-book.

Investment: Packages range from $1111-$5555 depending on inclusivity of different offerings. We also offer the ability to build in a certification and mentorship program with an immersive retreat. Offerings include, yoga, breathwork, meditation, spiritual tourism, cultural immersions, ancestral medicine and ritual, therapeutic psychedelics, tarot, oracle, mediumship, sound healing, reiki, human design, astrology and more. 

We have an ongoing immersion with the Coomcaac tribe of Sonora Mexico where we encourage non appropriative ancestral medicine combined with vision quest, initiations, cultural immersions and more. 

Hawaii Retreats with Autumn Kunz

Hawaiian land and culture have been a historic symbol of sovereignty of people and  deep love, respect and reverence for ‘aina’ which means that which feeds (land). Hawaii’s beautiful people and land inspire the aloha wave of healing with each and every visitor which is why we have created a Wild & Sacred Rabbithole of retreats and excursions on these Islands.  

Personal empowerment towards authenticity and sovereignty is a deep value of the Wild & Sacred Rabbithole of retreats which is why we paired up with Sol Sanctuary, a non-profit organization in Pahoa, to create an ongoing expansion project with our retreat facilitators and clients. This sanctuary has the largest wild population of rhododendron which is a plant spirit that encourages nourishment, rest, and deep healing. The sanctuary is nestled in private and lush nature wherein the  land is literally able to feed you everything you need. There are private bungalows, shared spaces and camping accommodations available with indoor and outdoor showers, kitchens and group spaces. 

Each Sol Sanctuary retreat includes a cultural immersion with the locals as  a part of our non-appropriative initiative. This includes authentic Hawaiian Cooking, sweat lodge, cultural arts and more.   

For More Information Contact Us Through the Wild and Sacred Portal:

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