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Wild & Sacred
100% Pure Cacao Paste

Welcome to a powerful source of the most earthy, super-food cacao/chocolate.

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Wild and Sacred Cacao

Pure Ceremonial Cacao paste imported  from the Nuevo Amanecer Women's Collective in  GuatemalaRead More...

What is Cacao?

Pure cacao is a natural superfood that is the main ingredient of chocolate. The Cacao pods contain beans which go through a process of fermentation, drying, aging and roasting.  Cacao comes in many forms such as powder, beans, nibs, and paste. 


Pure cacao has been used in ceremony for thousands of years because of its natural superfood qualities that tend to stimulate the heart chakra. Many people use it in a spiritual practice to cultivate feelings of gentle loving kindness, compassion, gratitude and joy.


"Food of the Gods"

7-Day Online Workshop
Personal Practice: Working with The Spirit of Cacao as a "Plant Medicine"

Through the Wild and Sacred Portal

Day 1: Relationship, Reverence, and Mindfulness
Day 2: Working with Intention
Day 3: Gratitude
Day 4: Breathwork and Orbiting Energy
Day 5: Gentle  Loving Kindness
Day 6: Meditation
Day 7: Cultivating Compassion

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Buy Wild and Sacred Cacao at Rabbit Hole Wellness in Sandy, UT.

More about Ceremonial Cacao and How to make the beverage...
Ceremonial Cacao Drink Recipe

1/4 cup Cacao Paste per person. Use paste, as beans and nibs will not melt. 

Liquid Base: Choose one or mix a few together... water, coconut water, milk, plant based milks (oat milk, coconut milk).

Sweetener: honey or pure maple syrup... or the coconut water can be the perfect amount of sweetness for some! If you like it really bitter, then do not add a sweetener. 

Spices: Cayenne pepper and Cinnamon 

Mix all ingredients in pot over medium heat and bring to melting point, stir or blend in blender. Do not boil as heat can destroy nutrients.  If you do not blend it in a blender, the cacao can tend to thicken while cooling. Explore how much you like of each ingredient... I like a pinch of cyann, a few teaspoons of cinnamon, and a monk fruit sweetened caramel syrup along with coconut water for the sweeteners. 
Fine Art Prints
by Renee Sarasvati
Wild and Sacred Cacao Art Print Shop
Artwork by Renee Sarasvati
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